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Behsarma Company started its activity in 1985 with the aim of designing and producing refrigeration equipment. With the end of the imposed war and the government's goal for the development of dear Iran, the company expanded its activities in the field of localization of refrigeration equipment and stores and began to reverse engineer new refrigeration systems, including doorless refrigeration systems. Over time, every year with the aim of completing the product portfolio, eliminating the need for the country's store industry from importing store equipment and also preventing the outflow of currency from the country, the company began to build other store equipment such as store shelves, warehouse shelves, Checkout tables, all kinds of showcases and stands for selling and displaying goods, cold storage, entrance and exit gates and shop carts.

In order to achieve the company's goals, increase the quality and production capacity of the company uses the most modern production technology in the manufacture of its products and believes in the importance of the role of the specialized workforce constantly takes steps towards the growth and development of human resources. In 1997, with the beginning of the country's development in the airport and terminal sector, the board of directors of the company decided; As in the store sector, it is a leader in localization of products, world day and innovation, in the airport and terminal sector, it pursues the same goal and eliminates the need for the country to import goods and equipment at the airport and terminal as much as possible. Therefore, by registering Pardis Yazd Company and producing products such as telescopic bridges connecting to aircraft, various types of airport conveyors, waiting and terminal seats, ticket and passport check counter, passenger cargo weighing system, airport handcarts and other products and Services related to the terminal-airport equipment industry have taken a big step in the development of this industry in the country and are still moving forward in this way.

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