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In air curtain refrigerators, in terms of arrangement space, there is more product volume, the customer can easily see and select the product, but in door refrigerators, the product is arranged in depth and the door frame makes the customer not have enough vision to choose the product.
The refrigeration cycle is circulating in air curtain refrigerators. However, in door refrigerators, due to each opening and closing of the doors, the trapped cold leaves the system and the ambient heat enters the refrigerator due to the temperature exchange. Therefore, the system needs to consume energy again to cool the device environment.
Door refrigerators are suitable for storing goods. With each opening and closing, all the cold inside the cabin is emptied and the engine is pressurized to replace the lost cold. Door refrigerators work like home refrigerators. For this reason, every time, opening and closing in the refrigerator by customers, it puts an additional burden on the store's electricity consumption.
The air curtain refrigerator returns its original cost in the long run. Because it consumes less energy than the door refrigerator at the sales level and does not waste cold energy, its depreciation is less, it provides you with a higher sales level, the customer is comfortable to buy, and it makes the product arrangement much better and more beautiful. Allows them to compare different products according to the customer's taste.
The standing curtain air curtain has 6 floors according to the standard. Ground floor 67 cm, 4 floors 39 cm and one floor 26 cm. Behsarma Company provides this possibility for its customers; By moving the floors to have more and better space to present products.
All floors can be moved in height and you can move or increase or decrease the number of floors according to the height of the arranged goods.
In each of the floors inside the refrigerator, up to 150 kg can be widely arranged on each plate.
In curtain freezers, there is more volume of goods in terms of arrangement space and the customer can easily see and select the product, but in door freezers, the product is arranged in depth and the door frame makes the customer not have enough vision to choose the product. Be.
The refrigeration cycle in air curtain freezers is continuous and circulating, but in door freezers, due to each opening and closing of the trapped cold, it is removed from the system and again needs energy consumption to cool the system.
Doorless freezers have an automatic defrost system, but in door freezers, due to the type of refrigeration system and the opening and closing of the door and the entry of ambient air into it, it causes thaw in the device and after a while it needs to be defrosted
Behsarma company pays a lot of attention to the quality of the shelves and for the size and thickness of the column profiles, the thickness of the arm and the floor and back plate are different, the color of the company's shelves with a special formula is made only for this company. The electrostatic powder paint of this company has a price difference of about 50% with other paints in the market, and this difference over time completely determines the difference between Behsarma products and other companies.
Electrostatic powder paint is a color furnace; Which is done in several steps. In the first stage, the parts are washed and acidified before the paint to remove contaminants such as grease, rust on the metal sheets by phosphate and chromate materials, so that the necessary substructure for painting is done. Becomes.
In the next step, the parts are transferred to the paint booth and after loading the parts, they are painted by the paint spraying machine. This type of painting causes molecular resistance between the part and the paint and makes the painting uniform and completely uniform.
In the last step, the painted parts are transferred to the paint baking oven and the paint is cooked at a certain temperature. The baking oven is a sensitive and precise part in powder paint units and the temperature should be uniform throughout the oven.
All these steps are done in Behsarma factory by a fully automatic line. Another advantage of electrostatic furnace powder paint is its very long life and the parts are very resistant to rust, impact and abrasion. The thickness of this type of paint is more than ordinary paints.
However, in normal painting, after washing and drying the part, it is sprayed with a paint gun and dried in the open air or in a warm room. This type of paint flakes off over time and disappears, causing rust and damage to the part. Another problem with ordinary paints is that the color is not uniform on the smell of the final product.
Behsarma Company, because it is the main manufacturer of store equipment, gives all its manufacturing equipment 2 years warranty and 10 years after-sales service. However, imported equipment such as compressor motors and mechanical and electrical equipment gives the customer the same one-year warranty from the original manufacturer.
In order to benefit from this guarantee, service, repair or any change in the product should only be done through the technical experts of Behsarma Company.
In hermetic compressors, the motor components and the compressor are both in the same steel chamber and are all sealed in this chamber, which means that the compressor is no longer at risk of leakage but cannot be repaired if the internal components are damaged. And a new compressor must be replaced. The life of hermetic compressors is usually 2 to 3 years (of course, if properly cared for, it can last up to more than 3 years).
Other advantages include a more reasonable price than the others. In cases where the cost of repair is higher than the value of the compressor, the use of hermetic samples will be more economical and replacing a new sample will be less troublesome than repairing the compressor.
In hermetic toxic compressors, as in hermetic models, the motor and compressor are housed inside a chamber. There is no leakage problem, but the parts can be repaired and replaced, and this is considered an advantage of this type of compressor. Hermetic toxic samples have a lifespan of 3 to 10 years; Depending on the type of use, this amount can last for more than ten years.
It varies depending on the size of your order and the equipment you choose.
Behsarma Company is on it; To design the equipment provided for its customers based on the available space and the type of products available in the store. Therefore, it is possible to change the height of standing refrigerators (built-in motor or central engine room) and the length of refrigerators in each area.
Depending on the type of store, infrastructure and ceiling height and the type of product, the size of the shelves can be selected. However, wall shelves are generally designed to take advantage of the higher sales level and the middle shelves are designed to avoid shorter visual visibility.
For example, a store with a wide sales area, wall shelves of 228 cm and middle shelves of 192 cm are considered, and in a store with a medium and small sales level, it is suggested that the wall shelves be 192 and the middle shelves be 158.
In the arrangement of goods in stores, it is best that fast-moving goods, such as goods that the customer needs daily, be as far away from the entrance as possible, and since goods arranged in refrigerators and freezers are in this category, Being at the bottom of the store is a better choice. From a technical point of view, the location of the refrigerator should be away from direct sunlight and at the entrance. Another point that is considered for refrigerators and freezers is the distance between the engine room and the appliances.
Behsarma Company has considered this possibility for its customers, so that they can get the most specialized layout suitable for your store for free, taking into account the best customer turnover mode, charge access, personnel traffic, cashier location, selection of product groups, etc. Offer by an experienced and experienced team.
The best place for refrigerators is at the end of the store and the farthest point is at the entrance. Another point about the location of refrigeration equipment should not be directly exposed to the cooling air, because the cooling equipment will direct the wind environment outwards. This disrupts the airflow by circulating it inside the refrigerators and wasting energy.
Standing refrigerator and sleeping curtain Air curtains are no different from each other and the only choice of this type of equipment based on store decoration is not enough space next to the wall for standing refrigerator and separating the type of products offered in the store.
Sleeping refrigerators are usually used for semi-prepared foods, meat, poultry, and place dairy products, beverages, sauces, and condiments in standing refrigerators.
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