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Create a Frozen Display Paradise with Island Freezers

Create a Frozen Display Paradise with Island Freezers


One of the most effective ways to make good use of commercial refrigeration, especially in establishments with a lot of human traffic such as supermarkets and large stores is by having island freezers.

These are a collection of freezers joined together and designed to allow easy access to the merchandise while still maintaining the required temperatures for preservation.


Also known as “high vision freezers”, island freezers are used to hold a wide variety of frozen products which the customers can browse as they like. They are also designed for central positioning creating almost a ‘frozen island’, hence the name.

You can maximise efficiency in your commercial store by including island freezers as part of the equipment you use in your business. Here are the best practices for creating the best frozen display for your store.

Freezer Island
Freezer Island


Setting Up your Freezer Island

Island freezers usually come with a sliding lid or open-top access for easy access to large quantities of frozen foods.

There are a number of factors to consider when creating a frozen display paradise. They include:


Number of Freezers

Your frozen paradise will include a number of freezers. During set up, standard units are used to make up the main body sitting back to back facing outwards in blocks. This allows you to configure a layout with any number of freezers.

This way, you can tailor the layout to fit your business needs. Complete the island with head cases which sit at either end to create a 360° freezer display.

Freezer Island
Freezer Island



Airflow is important for the efficiency of the equipment. It reduces energy consumption and could potentially save you money. Additionally, if freezers aren’t given enough room for the air to circulate around the exterior of the equipment they will overheat and fail to perform to the required standards.

Head case units will typically be front or side vented. However, the main body of island freezers is generally rear vented. Thus can create an airflow problem since the vents will be positioned back-to-back. Use multiplex kits to join freezers together in order to generate sufficient airflow from the centre of the island.


Common Features and Options for Island Freezers

Different brands are designed to ensure you have the best results for your island freezer. Depending on your needs, you will want island freezers that will work for you. Here are a few options and features you can expect when setting up a frozen display paradise.


Multifunctional Units

Multifunctional units are ideal for people who deal in a wide variety of products. The temperature requirements for different products vary, making island freezers with dual temperature options a great choice for people looking for both chillers and freezers.

You have the option of picking a standard freezer without the dual temperature options if your products and their temperature requirements do not vary. Some units such as the  Island Freezer range offer you the option of either having standard freezer version for your store or auto defrost with dual temperatures.


Bumper Bars

Bumper bars are standard in most island freezers. They protect your unit against inevitable clashes between shopping trolleys and baskets. Given that your store will likely have a considerable amount of traffic, you will want to keep your island freezers safe from damage.

Bumps are quite common since the freezers are positioned centrally in large stores and supermarkets. By having bumper bars, you are guaranteed that your units will encounter less physical stress thus lasting longer, remaining aesthetically sound and reducing the amount of money you spend on maintenance.


Freezer Island Behsarma
Freezer Island Behsarma


Ticket Strips and Shelving Accessories

Shelves are important because apart from creating the right order in a commercial setting, they also allow the proper positioning of products in order to increase sales. With an island freezer, it is possible to have additional shelves that can hold products at ambient temperatures for the impulsive buyer.

You will also find EPOS ticket strips that allow you to easily list the prices of your merchandise. Your customers will appreciate the efficiency you provide.

Freezer Island Behsarma
Freezer Island Behsarma

Multiplex Kits

Multiplex kits allow the proper joining of two or more units to create the perfect alignment for your freezers and to allow appropriate airflow for their efficiency. Make sure that you multiplex the equipment correctly. Otherwise, this could cause potential ventilation and air-flow issues.

Island freezers are a great option for anyone looking to provide different products to their customers whilst enhancing presentation. Their ability to incorporate preservation and visibility will make it easier for customers to make buying decisions. Apart from creating a modern look in your store, your frozen display’s ability to save space and reduce running costs will bring you closer to running a successful business.


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