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Vertical Refrigerator Portable Condensing Unit

Vertical Refrigerator Portable Condensing Unit

Vertical Refrigerator Portable Condensing Unit

These refrigerators are designed to store food, dairy, protein, fruits and vegetables, and anything that needs to be packaged and stored in a cool place.

Technical Specifications:

● To a depth of 100 cm at a height of 228 cm

● With a modular 375 cm

● Insulated with polyurethane injection foam

● Internal and external body of colored galvanized sheet

● Paint all parts in the form of electrostatic powder furnace

● Has side walls of double glazing

● Has a night cover curtain

● Top view of aluminum profiles or thermo wood

● Bottom view of stainless steel sheet

● All floors are movable and removable in height and slope and have a price tag bar

● Has an LED lighting system under the floors

● Has a defrost system

● Equipped with Bitzer, Damfoss, Refcom or Scroll Copeland compressors

● Ability to install PVC baroque separating baskets

● Ability to install stainless steel pipe bumpers (according to customer order)


In stores (large or small), supermarkets or hypermarkets, customers when entering the store space and the products are visible, allow them to easily choose what they need after review.
Air curtain refrigerator is one of the smartest and most important choices for these neighborhoods, because customers choose their needs according to their needs and the availability and comparison of products and food with each other, and therefore the speed of response. Makes you more comfortable with customers.

 These refrigerators are designed to store food, dairy, protein, fruits and vegetables, and anything that needs to be packaged and stored in a cool place. The cold air flow in this type of device is rotating and consecutively in each floor of the device in a drop from top to bottom on the products inside the refrigerator, the products in the device are alternately placed in the cool air flow and this air Air conditioning keeps food and food products very fresh and airy. The heat generated in the device is collected by the vacuum cleaners and after cooling by the compressors, it is returned to the cooling system and placed in the cooling cycle of the device. At the end of the day, the night cover curtain installed in the refrigerator is closed to maintain the cold and prevent wastage of energy consumption at night (do not use the refrigerator), and at night when the work day starts again, the night cover curtain is collected.

The length of the device is based on the regional location, customer needs and the request of shopkeepers and the design of the store space. This length starts from 375 cm and can be ordered in any length. The cabin of these refrigerators is designed based on the central engine room system. Which increases the height of the refrigerator space and puts more cargo volume in it. In addition to the dimensions of the refrigerator that are considered by users, the appearance is also considered. The color of the refrigerators can be changed according to the color of the store decoration or its organizational color.
This type of device has been able to increase the space by 40% compared to the portable refrigerator (self-propelled motor) due to the transfer of refrigerant units from inside the cabin to the engine room. Complete observance of the refrigeration cycle and minimizing the cold temperature and the absence of any heat bridge to increase the efficiency of the refrigerator and reduce energy consumption is another point that Behsarma Company engineers have considered in designing this product. One of the processes performed in this direction is the use of polyurethane injection foam with a density of 40 kg / m3 in an integrated manner and double-glazed windows on both sides of the cabin.

The coating of all sheets used in refrigerators is electrostatic paint, and due to the fact that this type of paint is one of the most resistant industrial paints and is very resistant to impact, abrasion and moisture, you can choose the color of refrigerators based on Select the division of product groups, decoration, organizational color, etc. For the visual beauty of refrigerators, it is possible to use the facade of Finnish thermowood based on the customer's order.

In all refrigerators, it is possible to use separating baskets with PVC coating to separate products and organize them. Use stainless steel pipe bumpers at the bottom of the device to prevent shocks caused by the sudden collision of shop trolleys and PVC bumpers are installed on the body of the refrigerator.

Description Row
Inner body Inner body made of galvanized sheet painted with electrostatic powder paint
Exterior body Exterior body of galvanized sheet painted with electrostatic powder paint
Night Cover Manual Night Cover Electric night cover (custom)
Floors Floors can be used on slopes with three different angles
Density 40 kg / m3
Foam Insulated foam with Bayer German polyurethane foam
Floor Lighting With floor lighting of LED / SMD white LED, RGB with remote control (custom)
Side Walls Dedicated side walls of double glazing with the ability to install mirrors
Price Tag Strips With price tag strips in different colors and shapes of PVC
Bumpers PVC bumpers installed on the body Stainless steel pipe installed at the bottom of the freezer (custom)
Standard Dimensions with modular 200, 250 and 380 cm (custom)
Dividers inside floors PVC coated policy separators (custom)
Floors that can be changed in depth, height and slope according to the product that can be offered in it
Colors electrostatic powder paint (can be changed according to customer's order)
Central Self-propelled engine (portable)



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